Approximately two years ago Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC decided to expand it’s general contractor base to meet it’s growing College and University business. We believe that there are partners in this industry that will provide owners with top notch customer service and perform this service with integrity every day. We have found this and more with MRG Construction Management, Inc. Matt and his team have taken the time to understand our company needs and goals and staff our jobs with high quality professionals.
We have found all of their employees to have extensive knowledge of the industry and assist in guiding us to make the best informed decisions. Ultimately the outcome store by store has been fantastic.

I highly recommend MRG if you are in search of a company with high integrity and knowledge to build your next project.

Gregory C. Candee

Vice President, Planning, Construction and Campus Real Estate

MRG Construction has performed several projects with me for Family Dollar Stores, Inc. These projects have been of differing types including: Expansions, New stores in existing space, Ground up and Landlord turnkey’s. These projects have been in several states, in both rural and urban environments. The entire group at MRG, from the Management team to the field staff, have always performed at the highest level, and have been proactive in managing all of the difficulties that can be found throughout the construction process. MRG consistently brings in projects on time and within budgetary constraints. Working with MRG’s construction operation has helped to make the process seamless and has been excellent benefit for me. I look forward to working with them on many projects in the future…

Dale Chesley

Construction Project Manager, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Thank you to the MRG Construction team for your professionalism, completing the project on time, and to a high standard.  Your understanding of what’s important for our store team and your flexibility from the planning stages to the final clean-up was impressive.  You truly have put the store’s needs as your top priority.

Boon, Carolyn & Jenna

Tufts University Barnes & Noble Team Members

Thank you all for your hard work and perseverance to complete this store to such a great standard. It is our most beautiful store yet, a great achievement! The quality of work has been fantastic throughout. I walked through with our International Property Director today and he was delighted, you have set a real standard of finish for our future stores.

Lucy Anderson

U.S. Project Lead , Fat Face Ltd

I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of MRG.  We contracted with MRG to do a build-out of our facility which is no located at 10 Centennial Drive.  The build-out was to take a fully demolished space and create a modern look and feel hi-tech environment.  The issue we had was a very short window to move from concept to delivered finished unit.  The whole experience with MRG was exceptional.  We were constantly informed about issues they were having with contractors, the facilities etc. and how they recommended we work around those issues.  They delivered a finished product that was on time and on budget, despite the many changes that we made along the way.  I always felt like they had my back and were willing to go the extra mile to get us what we wanted at a price we could afford.  They are an awesome team to work with and I highly recommend them for any commercial project!

Dave Gravel

President/CEO, GraVoc Associates

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