3 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Kitchen Specialist

The kitchen is arguably the most important aspect of any small or large scale restaurant. The design layout and equipment is an integral part of the efficiency, safety and profitability of the food preparation and staff. Future restaurant owners may want to consider working with trained and knowledgeable commercial kitchen design specialists to help with ensuring their kitchen is designed and equipped to handle the fast paced food service business.

  1. Leave it Up to the Experts

A kitchen designer is a well trained, knowledgeable professional in all aspects of the design and parts of a commercial kitchen. While there is plenty of research a restaurant owner may do on their own, a qualified designer will produce a well thought out and highly efficient design. Considering the fast paced nature of the restaurant back of house, designers can create a cost effective and operationally well-organized plan. A designer will work with other licensed and qualified professionals to monitor overall budget and installation of the kitchen as well. The result will be a truly well-oiled, beautifully functioning machine.

  1. The Best of the Best Equipment

There are many things to consider when planning to open a restaurant. Finish selection, menu planning, seating arrangements, furnishing selection and the list goes on. A skilled kitchen specialist will assist and orchestrate the procurement and installation of the best, most cost effective and efficient kitchen equipment needed based on the food preparation requirements. The designer will integrate the chosen equipment into the plans and perform layout, code compliance, and safety research for the project. In many cases, a restaurant owner or operator may purchase the kitchen equipment through their designer, alleviating the stress of procuring the pieces on their own. Some kitchen equipment suppliers staff trained kitchen designers to help select and place their pieces as a “one stop shop” option for a commercial kitchen.

  1. The Tech Age

Kitchen designers have access to and expertise in the cutting edge technology to design and outfit any commercial kitchen. Industry software like 2020 Design, Sketchup, and Autokitchen enable professionals to produce construction documents and 3d models of their designs to be used in flow studies and ultimately constructing the finished plans. Designers are well versed in the various elements of the software and are continuously trained on updates and new features of the programs.

Much like architects, electricians and contractors, experienced kitchen design specialists are true experts in their field. And as with other trades, sometimes it is best to leave the details up to trained and skilled professionals.

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