Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build: Breaking Down the Difference

There are two widely known and accepted delivery methods for any construction project; the Design-Build and the Design-Bid-Build. The project delivery method dictates the relationships and responsibilities of the hired construction team. As a business owner or property manager, it is important to understand and acknowledge the differences. When it comes time to hire your team, considering the delivery method best suited for your project and needs is crucial. Let’s break down the different methods and highlight the pros and cons of both.


The Design-Build process requires the owner to hire a team of qualified professionals including the builder and designers as one entity or grouping who will work hand in hand during the design development of the project. In some cases, one company may be contractually obligated to perform the design responsibilities as well as the construction responsibilities.


The Design-Bid-Build is thought of as a more traditional delivery method. The process involves the owner selecting and hiring design professionals to produce construction and/or design documents to be used in Request for Proposals of qualified builders. In this instance, separate contracts are drawn for designer and contractor and there is minimal involvement of the builder during the design phase of the project.

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