With another nor’easter in the forecast for this week, it seems impossible to believe that this is the first day of Spring! So, while we bundle up and prepare for more unpredictable New England weather, we thought we’d share some hope of warmer weather and budding flowers.

The First Day Of Spring

The first day of spring marks the vernal equinox, usually around the 19-21 of March. On this day there is an equal amount of daylight and darkness. Spring officially begins for us on the east at 12:15 EST when the sun aligns with the equator. The spring season officially ends with the Summer Solstice in June

Chirp Chirp, Buzz Buzz

Spring welcomes the chirping birds and baby animals. Spring is known as the season of rebirth. Those animals who have tucked themselves in or ingeniously flocked to warmer weather emerge and start to expand their families. As the temperatures increase, the food supply grows as well.

All the Blooms

Trees, grass, and flowers need a combination of sunlight, water and warmth to blossom and grow. Spring time weather and the longer daylight hours provide the energy plants need to wake up from the winter months. The first blooms to appear are dandelions, daffodils, lilacs, iris and tulips

Take a Breath

With all the budding flowers and plants, they provide us a great service of absorbing carbon dioxide they need to grow. They then turn the carbon dioxide and water into food, and release oxygen into the air.  Thanks to the plants and photosynthesis, we have the freshest air during the spring season. The warmer temperatures encourage us to open windows and doors and let in the spring-time breeze!

Weather forecasts and threats of more snow aside, we wish you all a very happy start of Spring!


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