We’ve all heard the expression, “great minds think alike”. When a group of great minds; creative minds, come together in the pursuit of a common cause the result is inspirational. The new Black Box theater housed at the Northeast Arc facility in downtown Peabody, MA is one space where the intent is solely left to those who choose to use it, allowing for endless possibilities for the simple, but creatively designed and constructed theater.

The idea for the Black Box theater came from the needs of the up-and-coming, but still thriving, downtown Peabody community. And the common need for a creative environment to host theater groups and other community contributors. Tim Brown, Susan Ring Brown, and the entire team at the Northeast Arc offered their former warehouse as a perfect solution.  Tim and Susan and the team of Black Box supporters sought to fill the cultural gap and need for an event space for individuals, corporations and organizations to use the Black Box to fit their needs. Tim described using the Black Box for concerts, business meetings, parties, community theater and any other purpose you could think of. The Black Box is an open space of moving parts and pieces meant to accommodate all who wish to rent it.

After months of hard work, dedication and fundraising efforts by friends and supporters of the mission to turn the former warehouse space into a true Black Box theater, the project began in October of 2017 and finishing touches were completed in March of 2018. Although the Northeast Arc has completed various housing projects as part of their organization, the Black Box theater project was the first of its kind for the Northeast Arc team. The design-build team of Red Barn Architecture and MRG Construction Management were tasked with seeing the vision of Tim and Susan come to life. The result of the efforts and collaboration is a space that sparks inspiration and creativity from its visitors.

Black Box has already begun to attract groups wanting to hold productions and meetings. The vision of providing an event space for the community has very quickly come to fruition, a proud moment for all involved in creating the theater. Final plans for completing the Black Box theater project include permanent installation of lighting and sound systems and procuring movable platforms and seating. The Northeast Arc and supporters of the Black Box are hoping with the opening event held earlier this week and the early interest in using the space the final missing pieces aren’t too far behind.

Northeast Arc hopes that guests will gain an understanding of the ArcWorks mission as they walk through its home. Northeast Arc encourages visitors to experience all that the ArcWorks Center has to offer when they are there for an event at the Black Box. Supporters are also hoping the opening of the Black Box will entice restaurants, galleries and businesses to  consider Peabody for their future needs as well and to contribute to the economic growth of a truly up-and-coming cultural downtown district.

For more information on the Northeast Arc and how you can contribute visit https://ne-arc.org/

Learn what’s going on at the ArcWorks Center http://arcworksart.org/

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